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Chengdu Beauties vs. Chongqing Beauties

Jun 13, 2009 By eChinacities.com Comments (9)     Add your comment Newsletter

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Recently, a netizen posted in Tianya’s Chongqing forum. First, he posted a large amount of pictures of Chengdu beauties, and then a quite a few pictures of Chongqing beauties, which lead to a heated debate about the different characteristics of Chengdu beauties and Chongqing beauties.

Chengdu and Chongqing Beauties

Chengdu Beauties’ Manner vs. Chongqing Beauties’ Lack of Fashion Sense

Chengdu Beauties:

chengdu beauties

chengdu beauties


chengdu beauties

chengdu beauties

chengdu beauties


chengdu beauties

After the post was seen on the web, many netizens expressed their support for Chengdu beauties right away and said that compared with Chongqing beauties, they have much better manner and the air about them is classier and more dignified.

"Duck10Years" replied immediately that regarding temperament and appearances, the pretty girls in Chengdu are far superior to those in Chongqing. The reason is that the economy in Chengdu is good; people in Chengdu have a mild nature, so pretty girls all seem laid-back, tender and healthy. Whereas Chongqing beauties seldom naturally reveal smiling faces to other people, 80% of them give dirty looks to everyone,. Even if they are beautiful, fair faces are hidden so nobody can discover the truth. As a result, the spiritual outlook is much more important than delicate facial feature.

"ILoveCNC" expressed his support for this opinion, "Chengdu Beauties have good manners, while pretty girls in Chongqing, in the pictures anyway, are slightly inferior at matching their clothes, and their facial features are lacking - not to mention the surrounding environment is awful."

"IsGrowingOld" wrote that it feels like pretty girls in Chengdu have better personality than pretty girls in Chongqing by comparison. They have good taste and this gives the impression that they are women in the big city. It makes people feel pretty girls in Chongqing are somewhat out of fashion and that they wear very cheap clothes.

Chongqing Beauties:

Chongqing beauties


Chongqing beauties

Chongqing beauties

Chongqing beauties


Chongqing beauties

Chengdu Beauties’ Legs VS Chongqing Beauties’ Raw Talent

However, many of these message boards’ netizens disagree with the above opinions.

"Wuwa" expressed that pretty girls in Chengdu and pretty girls in Chongqing are both beautiful, however, the former are too loudly dressed.

Another netizen revealed a disadvantage of Chengdu beauties: they do not generally have sexy slim legs. Since they commonly ride bicycles, they are big-legged women with bow-legs.

"Snail" replied that regarding their figure, pretty girls in Chongqing are hotter and better-dressed. He agreed with the previous poster’s point of view that pretty girls in Chengdu are too loudly dressed. In some pictures, pretty girls in Chengdu wear too much makeup; he doubts that they are the models who just finished their show.

"Macau" said, "What the photographer said was more than he had intended. Pretty girls in Chongqing are absolutely best in their appearances. For the temperaments, they were dramatically different based on the individual, which means it is not proper to compare in this aspect. The air quality in Chengdu is not as good as that of Chongqing and the skins of Chongqing people can be called the best skin all parts of the country. It is pathetic for some people to compare them this way".

"God is a Boy" shared that people can meet pretty girls in the five places of Chongqing. "The photographer did not take great photos of real Chongqing Beauties. The best times for photographing are the weekends and holidays. Only in this way, can one compare the beauties in Chengdu and Chongqing and in the three big business districts pretty girls are different for each one." He explained ,further: Shapingba’s pretty girls are mostly students, who are well mannered, naive, and polite.Guanyinqiao is the rich people's region. The women in this place are more sophisticated self-cultivated. Jiefangbei is where the consumer group is located. The pretty faces here only want the best. Designer goods for designer bodies.

This is the feedback from the original poster’s photos. If you want to get to the truth, you just need to step into the street. In the fact, you can meet the pretty girls only on Chunxi Road in Chengdu, while in Chongqing beauties can be found in five areas. This is the difference between the two cities.

The Comparison of Chengdu Beauties and Chongqing Beauties

This reporter found that quite a lot of netizens compared Chengdu beauties with Chongqing beauties.

"DM" replied that Chengdu beauties are slim, with nice skin, are gentle and small breasted (because they are residents of the plains) and spreading hips (for they always ride the bicycles); while Chongqing beauties are shorter, decent skin, with a hot temper to match hot figure (because they live in the mountain area) and round and springy butts (from climbing every day).

"Dinosaur" compared the two cities and found that pretty girls in Chengdu are better dressed and have warmer temperaments. He also mentioned that pretty girls in Chengdu just imitate the Chongqing beauties’ way of doing things. "This author doesn’t see what all the fuss is about since both Chengdu and Chongqing are famous for beauties!"

Netizen "wszpd" said simply, "It's really pleasant to eat noodles while watching the beauties parade by."


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9 Comments ( Add your comment )


Doesn' t this seems a bit shallow?

Jun 15, 2009 18:28

i love chengdu beauty,they are sexy.

Jun 16, 2009 06:30

What a complete load of crap this site is

Jun 17, 2009 09:15

Is this piece of rubbish article still here, shame on you echinacities!

Jun 18, 2009 19:20

booshit . the writer must be a cq hater. all cq pic are old and bad selected

Jan 22, 2010 04:35

I mean.. nun-retarded person will think it's a stupid and offensive nonsense

Jan 22, 2010 04:36
non pretentious expat

For those who can read, this article has been translated from the CHINESE media. Duh...It's not too different a post that would be on Chinasmack .

Jul 29, 2010 17:41
The Specialist

This doesn't even look interesting. Women are beautiful for who they are not for what they were kiddo.

Jul 24, 2010 06:56

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